First thing first, this is just something I need to get out of my chest after years of using Twitter. And how it used to make me feel loved, wanted and genuinely happy. Until one day… it’s just gone. People can’t make simple jokes without a large group of people get offended by it, you can’t enjoy tv shows or movies without people calling it “problematic”, you can’t like an artist without people judging you for it cause apparently the artist you like is currently hated by literally everyone, etc.

So let’s jump to the topic, shall we?

I’d like to make a list of why I think Twitter or social media in general is toxic and no longer an escape from reality.

1. Comparison
Believe it or not, you probably have felt this way before; constantly comparing yourself to everyone you think is prettier, richer and luckier. That burning jealousy you feel when you see someone purchased the concert tickets you wanted to go to but you’re too broke? the self-loathing comments you made about yourself after seeing your mutual posting their pretty pictures online? It’s not healthy nor it is okay. But it happens, right? Same goes when you feel like no one’s going to give you the same praise they did to the pretty ones. Not okay. Shoo those thoughts away!

2. Hypocrites
People also uses their account to express something they dislike about someone or an artist, sometimes it’s no longer harmlessly expressing their opinion anymore; more like obsessively hating. I think I’m going to talk a little about stan Twitter (or fandoms), and how many times I have met hypocrites there. Bandwagon hate exists, it’s when you think it’s trendy and cool to hate on certain specific artists. For example, Justin Bieber. He has a large fanbase but also a larger amount of haters. What I don’t see is when he does somewhat bad things (cause’ well, he’s human and humans do bad shit sometimes), the whole world is suddenly against him. But when a likeable artists do the exact same thing as him, even worse, the same people who attacked Justin give them a pass.

3. Cyberbullying
This is mostly for social media who can send you anonymous questions (ex: curiouscat). I’ve seen loads of people get cyberbullied by those who also praised the phrase “always be kind to everyone” regularly on their account. It just saddens me. When you disagree with someone’s opinion, and it’s not someone you should fuck with; they’d send you anonymous death-threats via whatever it is that’s linked in your account; or even subtweet you and tell their followers to attack you. Sad, innit?

4. Fake Wokes
You know these type of people who think they make a good point when in reality they just make a fool of themselves. These same people are overly sensitive, someone you just can’t have fun with at parties, they seek error in such trivial things and turn it into a big deal. Probably also ask themselves in every situation, “how do I victimize myself in this?”. Good God, stay away from me if you’re this type of person!

That’s all, I guess? I’m pretty much going to talk about more issues soon when I feel like it. But if you ever feel like social media is too toxic for you, that number of likes are starting to be an issue in your life; log the fuck out. You deserve peace. You deserve power within you. You can find yourself too outside of social media, you know? You don’t have to be trendy to be cool, find something that makes you comfortable and happy.

Good day, people!