Hi everyone!
I have been an active Weheartit user for about three years now and I can't express how much I adore the website. I love how you can be creative and It is like an online organiser for everything you love.

Moving on to more important things, here is me summed up in different categories...I hope you guys can get some ideas about how to sum up yourself from here <3


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I love simple yet edgy outfits. I love oversized things, but also tight form fitting dresses and some nice heels. I love thrift store graphic tee finds and I also love a good bargain. I love handbags and cannot leave the house without one. The most crucial piece of clothing is definitely a good jacket, whether it is a leather jacket, bomber jacket or denim jacket, I'll take it!


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It's quite hard to describe myself with colours, but I would say the pink tones because I am quite 'girly', I love makeup, jewellery, fashion and so on. I would say grey because I can be a little pessimistic at times, and red because I am feisty and I do have a resting b*tch face. I caught a case of RBF.

Passions/ Hobbies

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I love dance so much, I had been a dancer for 11 years as of last year but now i've stopped, I guess I got a bit sick of it. I also love drawing, sketching anything whenever I am bored or have some spare time. I am pretty much addicted to my laptop, Youtube, Netflix, Weheartit, Wattpad, Pinterest, all of those things I am obsessed with. Last but not least, shopping. I'm sure almost every girl adores shopping as much as I do.


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I love these animals so much, these are for sure my top four favourite animals ever. Since my name is Mia, Meerkats (Mia Cats) definitely relate to me, and also they are very alert animals, and I am always alert and hyper active. Hedgehogs because why not? Who doesn't want to be a hedgehog, they so damn tiny and cute. Giraffe because I love heaps of mascara, and giraffes have long eyelashes. I have a long neckline and I have a birthmark on my boob just like giraffes have spots. Snow leopard because I am quite sharp and I like to watch my back because you never know if a snake could be watching you. ;)


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The food speaks for itself.


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Dreams and Goals

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Hope you enjoyed!! xx - Mia