everyone is unique💜
everyone has one thing that makes them special, unique
''i don't belong to this world''
from how many teens have you heard this sentence?
many,many girls are saying this
but listen
We all are very different from each other.all of us are unique, different and that's because of we have to play our own role in life.Because we have to go on our way and don't follow others... because we should work on what makes us happy 💜
so what if i'm only one who do this? what's bad on it? you should risk. if you won't do what you want in your life would you be happy? of course no
imagine that you're old. you can't change anything. you can't travel in the time with travel machine and back to youth you will regret that you didn't risk,didn't continue what you loved, you scared that other people would be surprised and catch themselves away from you.you think: what would happend if i showed up my deep thoughts? carry one laughed behind you. you would succeed and be proud that didn't give up and continued your way. but it's too late now you can't go back to time
soo... don't afraid to do what you love 💜
do not copy from others,
don't afraid to be who you are,
make your story
never, never give up on your dreams
and you will feel yourself perfect💜