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Hi girlbosses! I'm secretlyagranger and I'm updating the 5th article of the #StudySmarter series. I'm sad to say that the 6th article (the article after this one) of my series will be the last article for the #StudySmarter series. The reason for this is that the upcoming new week will be my last for freedom - since by 26th February my Finals are starting. (I'll write about this topic in much more detail later.)

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However, leaving that, let's come to our #StudySmarter article - Geography and Language. These two subjects are interesting and creative, but hard at the same time. I dare say many students struggle in them. That's why I've chosen these two, because I don't find them very easy aswell. Let's start!

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I hope you all are well and happy. All the best wishes to you beautiful people. I hope this article helps you in your school life! Dream big, work hard and never give up!

➜ Geography -

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Geography is the study of earth and its areas, and I personally find it more challenging than History. However, I have a few effective tips that have worked out amazingly for me.

How to study Geography -

Maps work out wonderfully. Try making maps if you are studying landscapes. Use different colours and symbols for different points and mark them at a corner of the page or a post it note. For example, you can make a tree symbol for a forest, a circle for the sea, a railway track symbol for a railway, and so on. Your maps do not need to be perfect, but make sure the location is right (not perfect) and all the landscapes are symbolised.

Symbolising landscapes is helpful. Either in notes or diagrams, make sure that you have special symbols for every area. This way, if you study about a particular place, you can divide the place's landscapes (forests, rivers, deserts etc) with the help of your symbols. You can also characterize areas easily, since all the mountains you've studied are under one symbol and the seas under another. This will make learning the areas easier - you can go under one symbol and learn all the written landscapes in it.

Only learn important points. Although I said that in Physics, everything is important, this case doesn't work with Geography. Highlighting important points or making a summary, mindmap or flashcard(s) of them, as well as asking your teacher which parts of your lesson are important, can really help. For example, if it is written that The Rockies are situated in Western North America and are really beautiful, then the part about them being really beautiful is not important at all. Prioritize important points and learn them, don't memorize the whole lesson word to word.

Make separate headings. Whenever answering a Geography question, don't forget to make separate headings and use different shades of the ink colour you are using. Geography has generally a lot of little points, because even when giving a short description of the Sahara Desert, you have to write down which country it is located in, which city it is situated in, what is its population, etc. So, if you are answering a question on, for example, The Rockies, making separate headings for the mountains' peaks and hills, countries it is located in, its height and other basic information will guarantee you good marks. Answering the question in just one big paragraph will not help.

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➜ Language -

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Learning a new language is extremely hard, and I only know about two and a half languages myself. However, following are some effective tips that helped me learn English and also helped me in learning to read Arabic.

How to study Language -

Grammar is must. Yes, you may learn words from the language you are currently learning, but every language has its own rules in grammar. And if you don't know the grammar rules, then writing and learning the said language will become really hard. When learning the grammar, take it slow since there is a chance you may forget what you learnt if you learn many things at once. Reading the language while learning the grammar, underlining, highlighting and making small notes when the grammar comes in view will immediately associate you to that memory when you give the test.

Read, read and read. Just as practicing is important in Math, reading is important in Language. When I was learning English it was the fact that I read so much that improved my English. Try reading easy and short books in that language first, preferably with a translation, and then advancing on to bigger and harder books. This will help you in learning words and basics of that language.

Write when advanced. After learning the basics, grammar and vocabulary of that language, writing will be most helpful. Try writing a few words or lines first, and then progress on to bigger essays and stories. Write in easy words at first, and then move on to more complex words. Remember that taking it slow and steady but learning everyday will help you the most. Learning a lot of things at the same time or learning hard parts first is not good for your study. Go at a slow pace, but progress everyday.

Freshen up your memory regularly. Even after you've learnt all the components of the said language, and are sure you don't need more practice, you have to revise on a regular basis. Revise the language with a gap of a few days or one week, but not largen the gap more than that. You can revise by reading or writing the language. Reading a dictionary of that language or a story written in it is helpful. You can put learning that language to a good use by teaching others, writing something in it or just reading something interesting written in it.

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I hope that this article will help you improve! Do follow these tips and let me know if you have results! Be the amazing person you are and achieve what you want!

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Thank you for helping me hit 900 followers (we're so near to 1k!) As always, I want to tell you beautiful people that your support means the universe to me and you are the ones responsible for making me smile! Thank you so very much!

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Till my next article, I wish you guys happiness and success! I hope you achieve what you want, because you deserve the world! Stay beautiful!

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