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casual, fashion, and girls image fashion, girls, and luxurious image black, outfit, and style image fashion, blue, and orange image hair image outfit image
I like to dress very simple and casual, like a shirt, some jeans, and sneakers is an everyday outfit for me and I rarely wear makeup.


accessories, girls, and luxurious image fashion, pedicure, and rihanna image beach, purple, and summer image purple, light, and aesthetic image
My favorite color is white and purple just because white goes with everything and purple is cute.


black and white, girls, and makeup image popcorn and netflix image girl, beauty, and pretty image blue, vans, and sea image study, book, and motivation image city, travel, and building image Basketball, beautiful, and empowerment image girl, art, and drawing image
Things that I do on a daily basis. (photography,netflix, adventure, homework , eat , draw , and basketball )

Career/ Goals

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I'm currently a high school student with big goals and dreams!


beautiful, beauty, and daisy image summer, mylifeaseva, and sunset image flowers, converse, and shoes image flowers, nature, and purple image pool, unicorn, and summer image flowers, girl, and nature image
Spring and Summer are my favorite seasons!


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I listen to a variety of music; I don't like a specific genre but these are some of my favorite artist.


Abusive image fashion, girl, and roleplay image adventure, fashion, and girls image girl, hair, and beauty image girl, curly, and hair image girl, pretty, and cute image girl and pizza image beauty, hair, and melanin image
My personality changes every minute. But overall I'm either laughing with tears and I naturally have a stank face...but I'm not mean.


beautiful, beauty, and hair image beach, girl, and summer image Inspiring Image on We Heart It adventure, bff, and brothers image beauty, besties, and bff image african american, black girls, and melanin image bff, food, and girls image beauty, friendship, and fun image
My friends are cool and their kind of a another version of me. But me and my friends are always laughing and talking smack about other people.... #friendgoals


Caribbean, caribe, and cool image sunset, sky, and california image jamaican, 🇭🇹, and 🇯🇲 image paris, travel, and france image
I'm an Island gal, so I'm from the Caribbeans and I'm also French descent and I Live in Florida/ Cali


fruit, food, and summer image blue, drink, and food image food, fries, and McDonalds image food image chef, food, and good image pizza, food, and yummy image
I eat just about anything, except sushi. I'm not a vegan at all.

That's all about me :) .... Now were good friends.

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