Hi everyone. This is my first article 😄 I'd like to tell you some things about me.
• My name is Gabriela but I like to be called Gabi
• I live in Lithuania, Vilnius
• I'm 15 y.o
• My height is 158 cm
• I'm vegan
• I love listening to music 🎶
• I'm a gamer (PlayStation 4 ❤️)
• My favourite colours are blue and green
• I love sport and I workout at home almost every day
• In my free time I like taking pictures of cool places or things and then posting them on Instagram
• My first language is Russian
• I speak Russian, Lithuanian, English
• I'm learning Korean right now
• I was learning Spanish but then I started learning Korean
I think that's it for now. Have a nice day/morning/night. ☺️ Don't forget to follow me on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/nyc_gabriela/. If you like you can message me, I would like to talk to everyone