dear friend, this is a letter dedicated to you.
there are so many things i want you to know, so many feelings i yet still can't express with words. my actions are the only things left, but im not good with actions either.
dear best friend; i know that you've been struggling with this world for a long time now, i know how cruel this life was to you, i know how bad people were to you, i know all that and i'm trying my best to make things better.

dear best friend; you're the only best friend i have, the only friend i'm so close to; mentally and physically, the only friend that understands me and the only best friend that i understand, the only friend that actually cares about my well-being, the only friend that even likes me.

dear best friend; i wish you could see how amazing you are, i wish you could see how many people you've helped so far, how you put on a smile on everyones' face with your stupid, funny jokes, how you made so many people appreciate their existence, how you gave everyone hope and love.

my best friend; i want you to be happy,i want you to start living again and not just breathing, i want you to smile genuinly again without forcing anything, i want you to see the positive things in life again, you to know how many people actually love you, dear friend i want you to begin living life again.

my friend: we have a bright future waiting for us, us both. even though we can't meet up almost everyday like back then, don't have much time on our hands anymore like back then, don't share the old friends from back then anymore; we still have us. my future is with you and if you'd like your future will be with me.

dear friend; i hope you still remember our old dreams and goals from back then, because i'm willing to make them come true. years have passed and i still have not given up with them. i will try my hardest and best to make them all come true, but i just need one thing for that and that precious thing is you.

dear best friend; there is nothing much left to say besides: please don't give up, please don't leave me alone here, please don't look down on yourself, please appreciate your existence as much as i do. we are in this together, doesn't matter how cruel this world is, we are on the same road with our bulletproof vests on, even if we stumble and fall down; there always will be one of lifting the other up.

dear best friend; i love you, please stay.