I have seen these challenges all around Weheartit, and I thought I would try to make one of these. Hope you guys enjoy !

Heels or Flats?

bag denim
(Me - Heels)

Short Nails or Long Nails?

nails lipstick
(Me - Long Nails)

Sunset or Sunrise?

dress fashion
(Me - Sunset)

One Piece or Bikini?

Superthumb beach
(Me - Bikini)

Glam Makeup or Simple Makeup?

Superthumb beauty
(Me - Glam Makeup)

One Pair of Earrings or Stacked?

beauty accessories
(Me - One Pair)

Blonde Hair Guys or Brunette Hair Guys?

boy Superthumb
(Me - Both hehe)

Smoothie or Breakfast Bowl?

berries breakfast
(Me - Smoothie)

Kitten or Puppy?

animal adorable
(Me - Kitten)

Beach or Pool?

beach city
(Me - Pool)

NYC or Sydney?

city australia
(Me - NYC, of course bc I live in Sydney already!)

Summer or Winter?

beach girl
(Me - Summer)

Tea or Coffee?

cup coffee
(Me - Coffee)

Sushi or Pizza?

aesthetic Superthumb
(Me - Sushi)

Kendall Jenner or Kylie Jenner?

jenner beauty
(Me - Kendall Jenner)

Traditional Mansion or Modern Mansion?

home Superthumb
(Me - Traditional)

Bralette or Bra?

Superthumb bra
(Me - Bra)

Matte Lipstick or Gloss/ Shimmer Lipstick?

Superthumb glitter
(Me - Matte)

Flowers or Chocolates?

flowers chocolate
(Me - Flowers)

Dinner Date or Home Date?

couple bed
(Me - Home date)

Workout by Myself or Couple Workout?

body abs
(Me - Workout by Myself)
delicious Chicken
Pasta or Rice? (Me - Pasta)

Hope you guys enjoyed this xo, have fun and try make your own!