1. NCT (all units)

.What an amazing group! I'm super excited for their comeback!!!
.They consist of currently 18 members, split up into 3 groups (U,127 and Dream).
.A big bunch of cuties.

nct, nct u, and nct 127 image

Biases- Zhong Chenle (Dream) and Jung Jaehyun(127)

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.A 13 member group!
.My favourite era has to be pretty u, the song is a bop and I love the mv.
.One of the most synchronised groups I've ever seen! Their choreo always blows me away.
.They're all a bunch of dorks haha.

Seventeen, kpop, and dino image

Bias- Kim Mingyu

mingyu Seventeen kpop Seventeen
The loml, the cutest!

3. Got7

.The first mv I saw was Hard Carry and I fell in love w them all from there.
.It's really hard for me to keep a bias eek.

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Biases- Im Jaebum and Kim Yugyeom

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Idk I just love them both ah

Ty for reading. This is my first article! I hope you enjoyed! <3