Hey, everyone! I thought it would be really fun to do the Describing myself in pictures challenge so here it is! For anyone who'd like to get to know me and for myself as well, to look back at this whenever i wander off.


black, fashion, and girl image Image by Angel military jacket image Image by Angel makeup image black, pretty, and chic image
Sleek, black and gold


book, quotes, and words image Image by Angel quotes, idealist, and text image Image by Angel Image by Angel quotes, john green, and book image


book, reading, and read image girl train black work image Image by Angel Image by Angel
My favorite things to do in spare time include reading, writing, swimming and researching really anything that puzzles me


Indiana Jones and Raiders of the Lost Ark image Image by Angel quotes, believe, and movie image josh hutcherson, bridge to terabithia, and movie image
Indiana Jones - aaall the way, The Dark Knight trilogy, Good Will Hunting and Bridge to Terabithia


book, sherlock holmes, and sherlock image Image by Angel
One and only, Sherlock Holmes and book series that will be my favorite no matter my age - Ragazze dell'Olimpo


food, pasta, and spaghetti image food, healthy, and peach image bourbon, caramel, and popcorn image food, sweet, and delicious image
Pasta and oatmeal - any time of the day! Popcorn and of course, PEANUT.BUTTER (basically addicted to it)


Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image by Angel Image by Angel Image by Angel


beach, design, and house image Image by Angel books, pen, and works image summer, friends, and best friends image
As i got to know myself better I realized what i truly want and it includes having a big house that overlooks the ocean for my friends and family, traveling the world, becoming a writer and just being happy, surrounded by people i love


summer, girl, and sea image Image by Angel Image by Angel rain, nature, and peace image
Moments i cherish, moments to live for, i think this is when we're not thinking or worrying, just embracing the moment and that's when true happiness is born.

That was it guys, hope you liked it as much as i liked writing it!

-Love, Angel♡