My Rating: 3 stars

I picked this book because I’ve never read about people dating animals other than humans, and I was interested in seeing how dating a bear would work out.

Overall, this was a cute and fun read. Nora is a young woman who is tired of dating jerks, and suddenly she meets a bear who has come to the city during the summer because of the fires attacking his home, the forest. They quickly fall in love with each other, but winter is coming, and the bear will have to leave Nora for several months to hibernate. They try to ignore what could be the end of their relationship but, sooner or later, they have to face it.

The story allowed to see what their daily life is like, with a lot of broken things, but also a lot of happy and sweet moments, but it ended up leaving me with a lot of questions. Here are a few of them: why doesn’t everyone freak out over the fact that a human woman is dating an animal? Does this mean that there are other people doing this type of thing? Are there any human-animal children? It’s implied that Nora and the bear have sex, but how is that possible?

I’d love to see some of these things explained because it made it difficult to be as invested in the story as I could have been, and it would make it seem a little more believable (if a story about a woman and a bear being in love can be believable). Other than that, I enjoyed reading it, and the art was cute. It’s a good choice for romance lovers who are looking for something different.

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