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This is the second article in my serie (#DisNerdStories) and today I wanna share something really magical with you.

Walt Disney never started a movie without having a vision already of what kinda songs he wanted to use. The music is one of the most importat things in every Disney film. It's something that makes it more special and magical. Imagine how a classic Disney movie looked like without any music.... that's just impossible!
So today I'm gonna share a little playlist filled with my favorite Disney songs all time! (This is part 1) ENJOY

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➳ A dream is a wish your heart makes - Cinderella
➳ I see the light - Tangled
➳ Once upon a dream - Sleeping Beauty
➳ Circle of life - The Lion King
➳ You can fly! - Peter Pan
➳ Part of your world - The Little Mermaid
➳ Everybody wants to be a cat - The Aristocats
➳ Belle - Beauty and the Beast
➳ Tale as old as time - Beauty and the Beast
➳ Almost there - Princess and the frog
➳ A whole new world - Aladdin
➳ You'll be in my heart - Tarzan
➳ Touch the Sky - Brave
➳ You've got a friend in me - Toy Story
➳ When you wish upon a star - Pinnokkio
➳ For the first time in forever - Frozen
➳ I'll make a man out of you - Mulan
➳ I won't say I'm in love - Hercules
➳ Hakuna Matata - The Lion King
➳ Colours of the wind - Pocahontas


These are a few of the many songs I love and I hope you're gonna listen the songs you don't already know.
I've my own Disney playlist on spotify with 151 songs.
here's the link: https://open.spotify.com/user/1166770481/playlist/5uje3fhNkjt40HA7rv0Hms?si=h2YIqkjeR8m61rWmFJPV1A

Thank for reading (and heating) this article and I hope we'll meet again in my next article.

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february 17, 2018