So I thought about doing this so you can get to know me a bit.
And I also want to improve my english writing because it isn't that good yet.

What are the 5 things that make me really happy?

1 ➳ The first thing I can think of are BTS. If you don't know them they're a KPOP group and they are really good. Their lyrics are so deep and they just get me every time. I will never find some other artist that makes me as happy as they make me. And their fandom is so sweet and adorable, they just make me really soft.

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2 ➳ Flowers. Seeing flowers blooming makes me happy, I don't know why... maybe because it is the new life that stand behind the flower blooming? The meaning I gave to it?

3 ➳ Watching TV series with my mom. Because of school I'm never at home in the afternoon so I really enjoy watching TV series with her when I have time. Our favourites are Criminal Minds, Doctor Who and Scorpion.

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4 ➳ I already said that watching TV series with my mom makes me happy, but another thing that makes me happy is just my mom. My mom is one of the best mom in this world. She's kind and she never said "No" to me or my sister she's also funny. Whatever she says she can make you laugh. And I just really love her.

5 ➳ I really love reading. It's one of my favourite hobbies since I learned how to read but there's this one book that makes me really happy. It's the first saga that I read and fell in love with, and that book is Percy Jackson. It's really funny and makes you think a lot about how much others' people feelings are important. I recommend it to you all.

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I hope you enjoyed reading this article of mine. Have a nice day!

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