✫ bazzi — mine

flowers, aesthetic, and pink image fashion, kfashion, and outfit image
"you're so fucking precious when you smile"

✫ bazzi — got friends?

drink, theme, and sake image girl, Devil, and red image
"they all want a bad girl, just like you"

✫ bazzi — beautiful

aesthetic, art, and boy image cat, aesthetic, and animal image
"love your imperfections every angle"

✫ marshmello, khalid — silence

beautiful, sky, and ocean image fashion, asian, and korean image
"love only left me alone"

✫ camila cabello — in the dark

bed, white, and aesthetic image aesthetic, alternative, and art image
"who are you when it’s 3 AM and you're all alone"

✫ hayley kiyoko — curious

fashion, woman, and clothes image red, aesthetic, and flowers image
"who's been loving you good?"

✫ topic, ally brooke — perfect

art and drawing image flowers, rose, and aesthetic image
"then you say i'm perfect"

✫ halsey — sorry

aesthetic, her, and soft image fashion, girl, and kfashion image
"sorry to my unknown lover"

✫ the chainsmokers — you owe me

aesthetic, art, and indie image girl, friends, and shadow image
"don't you think that i get lonely? it gets dark inside my head"