This is a short article, no big words and loud statements. Only warmth, love and kindness.
I've been feeling sick today because of the things I did yesterday. It was cold in uni and I didn't do the smart thing to just put my jacket on and instead showing off my cute but not that warm sweater. Last night I walked barefoot on the tiles of my boyfriend's home. And here I am now, about to make some ginger tea, thinking to myself how I need to take better care of my physical (and mental) body. Because a repetitive pattern of thoughts can do a lot of damage, too.
So, here's your reminder to just step aside and think for a moment how you've been treating yourself lately, whether you like it or not and do you want to change it.
And taking care of yourself can be as simple as taking a bath or just giving yourself the time to relax. Please take care, you deserve it.
Much love,