Sooo I've been obsessed with these pancakes and I just wanted to share them with you. They are seriously some of the softest pancakes I have ever eaten. Here's the recipe:

Ingredients (for 1 person)

☑️ 30g whole wheat flour (or oat flour if you want)
☑️ 30g coconut flour
☑️ 1 egg (flax/chia egg if you're vegan)
☑️ 150ml-200ml milk (depends on your coconut flour)
☑️ a banana
☑️ some baking powder


👉Separate the egg yolk and the egg white.
👉Mix the egg whites with a hand mixer so you get the egg white snow consistency.
👉Mix the baking powder into the flours and add it to the egg yolk.
👉Mash half of the banana and add it to the mixture as well.
👉Last but not least, add the milk to the mixture and mix with a wooden spoon or with the hand mixer (if you want some banana chunks then mix with spoon, f you want it smooth then with a hand mixer).
👉Then add in the egg white snow and mix with a wooden spoon slowly until the pancake batter is smooth.
👉Heat some oil in the pan (I used coconut) and make the pancakes.
P.S.: I like to slice other half of the banana and put the slices on top of the pancake as I'm baking them, but you can also use the other half as a topping.

My fav topping
I usually top it with peanut butter but you can top it with anythign you want.

Hope you like the recipe. :)
If you happen tot try it out I would love some feedback on it ☺️
So if you want, feel free to message me or even send me some pics.
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