Jandy Nelson

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I do not believe that time heals. And I do not want it to heal.

Every day, every hour, around the world, people look at beds in which no one is sleeping, on shoes in which no one is walking anymore.

Have we embarrassed the king and queen of the country of eccentrics?

When someone dies, the library burns in the world. I watch as it burns to the ground.

I did not know that love is to feel, how to become bright.

There was nothing at all, for seventeen years, and now all at once.

I can not get rid of the darkness in my path.

And when we kiss, I see that on the other side of this door is the sky.

The sun will soon face the moon.

The distance is three steps between us, like three light years for me, and I do not know how to overcome them.

But, what if music is something that comes out of your heart, when it is broken?

It is no more, and the world continues to exist without it.

As if someone has pulled the world switch, and everything is just turned on now, including me, everything in me, good and bad, is cut to the maximum.

She always ran forward

Grief is a house where the chairs have forgotten how to hold us, the mirrors reflect us, the walls contain us. Grief is a home where no one can protect you when the younger sister becomes older than the eldest; where the walls no longer let you in and out.

Lenny Walker's play on the clarinet is like a dream

The sun exploded into millions of particles and scattered throughout the Main Street.

We are the most miserable people in the world

I know we need to move on, have a shower, sleep and eat ...

We will meet again. It's like the next era in history.

It's not fun to keep secrets. But sometimes you need to do this to protect yourself.

Guitar and clarinet is a wonderful duet, untouched.

Thousands of musicians are afraid to fall into the mud face.

Love is a contagious disease, everyone knows this.

In the end, this is my story, and I decide how to tell it.

Life is a complete mess

I want to stomp this immaculate sky with my feet.

I am the author of my story. This is my solo.

People are terrible cranks