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First of all I want to talk about beauty gurus. They can be so toxic for our self confidence and they encourage us to buy more and more things that we actually don't need. They often say stuff like "you need to buy this right now " "I'm totally obsessed with this product" " I absolutely love this" and you think this is true and you want to try out all this products and you go buy them.The sad truth behind this is that they will try that palette or lipstick and use it for one or two times and then forget all about it. Because the product isn't that great as they said. Girls can often feel left out because they can't afford all this makeup. For example here where I live a small group of people can afford buying stuff like urbane decay pallets, MAC lipsticks and so on. So you start to feel left out because you feel like you are missing something important and that can lead to depression and anxiety.

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Believe me my dear that huge makeup collection won't make you to feel better about your self. You can search for happiness in some other things


Second problem is that we buy stuff that don't work for us just because our favorite Youtuber said that we need "drop everything and buy this". Again people end up buying things that they won't use.
So I want all of you to stop and think about this and I'm encouraging you to buy makeup products that you like.The point of all this things that I have mentioned is that you don't need 50 different eye shadow palettes or 30 different highlighters to glow up and be beautiful to yourself.And of course there are many great quality drugstore products that you can use to do your makeup.I just wanted to all young girls know that they don't need to feel left out just because they don't own 20 MAC lipsticks in their collection :)

So don't get me wrong,because I like doing my makeup and yes I buy makeup and want to have a tons of makeup but I don't need that lot of makeup because I can't use it all.So i control myself when I want to buy 5 lipsticks and I choose one instead of all five. I also try to use it all before buying a new one. It is a shame to spend $100 on makeup that you will trow away later. I'm not an makeup artist and I don't need to own 40 different foundations and concealers. It is normal that beauty gurus have more makeup than us because they cant do 10 videos with one eye shadow palette.But it is not okay that they tell you that you need to own all this stuff or saying that makeup is really good quality even if they hadn't test it yet.

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