Everyone has different taste in music, and that makes life more interesting, to see what other like.

Here are my music, that saved me from this shitty reality.

Hope you enjoy.


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I couldn't find any pictures on WHI??? anyways, he's an artist you will not forget. go and listen to him now, because he will show you another world that you can't unsee


Image removed bts, jin, and seokjin image bts, jimin, and jin image first love, header, and bts image

they saved my life. You may not like them, just because you don't understand what they are saying, but trust me, your heart will understand.

Twenty One Pilots

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these guys came into my life in my darkest days. They told me a story about life that opened my eyes. If you haven't heard their music, stop everything you're doing and just listen to their words.

Ed Sheeran

ed sheeran image aesthetic, colors, and feels image quotes, red, and rose image quotes, Lyrics, and mess image
if you don't know who this guy is, then I don't know you. Jk BUT just listen to him whenever you feel alone or happy. He will make you fall in love with his music within a second

Arctic Monkeys

arctic monkeys, quotes, and high image arctic monkeys, alex turner, and music image arctic monkeys, grunge, and r u mine image secret, song, and words image
they have some deep shit that you will relate to if you have a broken heart. They are amazing, just listen

Lana del Rey

lana del rey image quotes, heaven, and yellow image Image by Toby Inspiring Image on We Heart It
She is the queen we all need in our life. Her lyrics is something else, but you will love it more than anything


g-dragon, love, and quotes image aesthetic, black, and black and white image bigbang quotes image taeyang and bigbang image
another kpop group. but you know, these guys have some issues with love, just like everybody else. just like I said before, if you don't understand the lyrics, then your heart will

Melanie Martinez

crybaby, melanie martinez, and blue image Image by 𝑯𝒂𝒛𝒆𝒍♡ melanie martinez, sippy cup, and Lyrics image melanie martinez and cry baby image
She has one of the most unique voices I've ever heard and I love her soooooooo much


nf image perception, nf, and real music image nf quotes image alone, girls, and Lyrics image
wow. just wow. this is a talent. he deserves everything in this world. I beg you, just listen to him


black and white, happy, and cute image yellow, quotes, and lovely image quotes and words image dodie and sick of losing soulmates image
she has a voice that will calm you down in any circumstances. amazing amazing amazing

That was it. This is my third article, and I can't stop writing??? This is soooo fun. Anyways, hope you liked it!

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