a lot of people assume glowing up simply refers to becoming more attractive looks-wise, but that's not true! my mama always told me those who are kind and loving tend to be the most beautiful people of all. here i'll be sharing a few different way you can glow up, both internally and externally ♡

part one ; external beauty

getting the right amount of sleep at night is so important! hormone secretion, cell repairs and overall body development is at it's peak while you're asleep. adequate sleep helps curb weight gain, keeps your skin looking youthful, and also ensures that you stay alert and productive all day long! 10pm - 2am is the period of regenerative sleep, when growth hormone secretion is at it's highest. sleep for at least 8 hours a day and you'll definitely start seeing changes in your health and mood.

  • keep electronics at least 3ft away from your bedside. the electromagnetic fields can interrupt with pineal gland secretions.
  • sleeping in a dark room helps promote melatonin (sleep hormone) secretion.
  • read a book, take a hot bath or light some candles (not too close to your bed!) to help yourself fall asleep.
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care for your skin from the inside! eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, all of which are high in minerals and nutrients that are beneficial for glowing, healthy looking skin. avoid eating too much dairy as it can cause breakouts. drink plenty of water! water helps clear out all the toxins from your body and will keep your skin fresh and hydrated. come up with a skincare regime suited especially for your skin, and stick to it! wash your face at night to get rid of any makeup, dirt and sweat from the previous day. moisturise thoroughly and use serums and essences made specially for your problem areas.

  • keep makeup wipes on your bedside table for the days you're too tired/lazy to go wash your face.
  • track how much water you drink! this motivates you to drink more to reach your daily goals.
  • don't touch your face too much. you don't want to transfer bacteria from your hands to your face.
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find your personal style! clothes that reflect your personality and make you feel confident are absolutely perfect. don't be afraid to experiment and try out new items that you think are cool. accessories always help spice up a casual, simple look. wear clothes that make you feel good. if you think you look amazing, everyone else will see it too. always dress for yourself.

  • save images of clothing items you like/wish to buy so you know exactly what to get while you're shopping!
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personally, i always feel very put together when my hair and nails look good. you don't have to go to the salon everyday or get big acrylic nails! take good care of your natural hair and nails and they'll look amazing. use good shampoos and conditioners on your hair and use hair masks twice a week. as for your nails, file them down to the length you'd like, moisturise your cuticles and hands daily. painting your nails is completely up to you!

  • file your nails weekly to help prevent any breakages. use nail hardening solutions to help with this as well.
  • you don't have to invest in expensive cuticle oils! olive oil works just fine.
  • hot oil hair treatments can help promote hair growth and they keep your hair looking shiny and soft.
  • use heat protective sprays and serums if you decide to curl/straighten your hair
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exercise helps keep your body healthy from inside out. exercise is not about losing or gaining weight, but about feeling strong and fit. your body is a machine which needs to be used regularly to keep it in good working condition. exercising also helps keep your muscles strong and promotes blood circulation throughout your body. by increasing blood flow, exercise helps nourish skin cells and carries nutrients and oxygen to all your cells. working out is also linked with better immunity and an overall happier mood. you don't even have to go to the gym! simple stretching, yoga or your favourite sport like swimming or dancing can help keep you in shape.

  • set a routine and try your best to stick to it
  • reward yourself! cheat days are key
  • don't over do it! exercising twice or thrice a week is enough to help keep your body in shape.
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that's all for now ♡ reya. / 0217.

part 2 ; internal beauty coming soon.