Hello to the earthling on the other side of the screen. Welcome to my very first article on this platform.To start this off, I personally feel like it would be a good idea to introduce myself so that my readers/followers could know me better.So, here we go; my name is Irshika and I’m a 17-year-old from Malaysia.I speak 3 different languages including my mother tongue.I’m currently doing a matriculation programme in college.I play the cello which helps me to relax during my bad days.I’m also a shopaholic, which means I could literally shop for hours today and still complain that I need to go shopping tomorrow-I’m not even kidding.I love reading books-thus if you want any book reviews, kindly send me your requests and I’ll try my level best to write an article about it as soon as possible.Travelling has also been my cup of tea as it allows me to learn new cultures, meet new people from various backgrounds and taste different types of food that could satisfy my taste buds.With that, I would like to affirm that I'm looking forward to writing more articles regarding many topics and issues.Hence, if you're interested in reading more of my articles, do follow me.Your support is much appreciated, whereas your compliments and opinions are welcomed.Thank you :)

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