Hey lovelies, I am back with another post. Hope you enjoy.

We come to we heart it for many reasons. Perhaps it is the articles which teach us to get better or perhaps it is the pictures that inspire us. We want the luxury of shopping at expensive stores, living in the world of bubble baths and glazed doughnuts, however, we often don't think about how much work it takes to reach that.

I personally study to be able to support myself and my future dog in the future. I too dream of luxury, I think everyone does at some point. I study so when I send in my college application, my application can stand out in the sea of other applications. I study so I can make myself and my parents proud. I study so that someday I can look at how far I have come and proudly say "I have made it".

Study so you can take bubble baths from your apartment which overlooks the city. Study so you can drink coffee in pretty white cups in fancy coffee shops. Study to afford the clothes you like. Study for yourself, to expand your mind. Study so you can grow and bloom into the beautiful wildflower you are.

We all realize studying is important, and yes, sometimes the motivation escapes and we are left with a mind full of ideas and no power to do them. That is okay, we have to push through that, as long as you work the hardest you can it will pay off. Series of small steps lead to big results. Prove to yourself that you can.

Motivation Help Tips ♡:
♡ chug water
♡ clean your space, organized space = organized mind.
♡ fitness helps me greatly
♡ listen to motivational songs, Almost There from Princess and The Frog and Non-Stop from Hamilton really does it for me
♡ adding on to the previous tip, lofi music works great as background music to help you stay focused
♡ if you know coffee doesn't do crazy things to you, drink coffee

I know this article was a bit all over the place, but I hope it got you motivated or well inspired.