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I am a fangirl, so I decided to create a TAG! I came up with the questions myself, but feel free to copy them and answer them yourself! (You could just choose questions for yourself, according to which books, movies and shows you know)

1. Who would you be in Game of Thrones and which house would you be in?

If I had to choose a house, I would be a Stark. Not because I am basic, but because I LOVE the North, I prefer cold weather and I am stubborn, brave and honest. But I am not sure if I would even want to be a Lady. I would actually prefer to be a wildling, or how they like to say: one of the free folk.

got stark

2. Who would you be in Harry Potter and which house would you be in?

I am a GRYFFINDOR! Or, if I am considering the new houses, a THUNDERBIRD. I wouldn’t be a very good wizard though, but an excellent Quidditch player. I would love broom stick riding and playing sports. I am interested in Flying and Herbology. I would be busy, but not as talented as others, but because I am very sporty, I would simply fight enemies without spells but rather just punch them. They would never expect that, haha.

gryffindor harry potter

3. Who would you be in Divergent and which faction would you choose?

That’s a hard one though, has always been, no matter how much I discussed this with my friends. But because I am the fit, tough one in our group, people tell me I would be Dauntless. Although I am very smart, I would never choose Erudite because I hate studying. And I am neither selfless nor nice enough for Abnegation or Amity, so my choice would be between Candor (I am very frank and confident) and Dauntless. I imagine coming from Candor, but choosing Dauntless, because I am brave and I still like to use some emergency lies…

four amity

4. Who would you be in The Hunger Games and which District would you be from?

I would be from District 7, timber industry. I would be one of the poorest and with 17 I would be chosen for the Hunger Games. I would have to calm my siblings, because they would be scared, but I am confident and brave and I would never give up. I might not win, but I wouldn’t go down without a fight.

fashion Superthumb

5. Who would you be in The Selection, which caste would you be in and which Province would you be from?

I would be a 7 (Outdoor Workers). I would be poor and have one older brother and five younger siblings. I would be either from Kent (Area of Wisconsin) or Whites (Alaska). I would be chosen for the Selection, but secretly working as a spy. I would befriend the prince, but not fall in love with him. In the end, someone would discover that I was a spy and I would be executed. (I actually wrote a fanfiction about that, but never published it, haha)

beauty dress

6. Who would you be in Percy Jackson and who would be your godly parent?

I would be the daughter of Athena. I am brave, sporty and smart. I would love training in Camp Halfblood and I might consider becoming a Huntress of Artemis.

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7. Who would you be in Maze Runner and what would be your profession?

I would consider myself a runner. As I mentioned before, I am brave and sporty, so being a runner would be the best I could contribute to the group.

Superthumb thomas

8. Who would you be in a fantasy universe (lord of the rings, chronicles of Narnia, etc.) and which race would you be?

I know this sounds boring, but I would be a human. Humans are the best. They are always underestimated, because they aren’t immortal and don’t have special skills. But they are loyal, strong-willed, fierce and passionate. I would love to be a ranger or huntress and wander everywhere.

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9. Who would you be in the Shadowhunter universe?

I would be a shadowhunter (shadowhuntRESS?). They are badass and I like to consider myself pretty badass as well. Wouldn’t I look amazing wearing tight, black clothes and runes all over my body? I do think so. Also, did I mention that I am fearless?

the mortal instruments clary

10. Who would you be in School for Good and Evil?

I always thought villains were cooler, but I am one of the good guys. I can relate very well to Agatha, because she has an evil appearance, but a good heart. It is similar with me, because I often seem so tough, distant, sarcastic and sometimes harsh and frank. But this is only my behaviour, not my attitude, if this makes sense.

Agatha, sophie, and sge image

What do you think?

Love, Erynneth