This is my first article. Just wanted to say that since this will probably end up really bad :) I also feel awkward making this


Superthumb fashion champion fashion
These are the days that I wake up late, wanna be comfortable, or just don't care. But they are still my go-to.


air force clothes black fashion
I love Nike. It's also another go-to of mine. I basically have to put something Nike in my outfit everyday or else my outfit isn't complete.


accessories clothes city black
I fell like everyone needs a good pair of ripped jeans in their wardrobe. It can make your outfit 5 times more stylish.


fashion jeans fitness all star
Doesn't everyone love sneakers? Cause I definitely do. you don't need to worry about your feet hurting, or you feet getting blisters. They are just the way to go.


ACDC aesthetic adidas cool
They are simple. Cute. Stylish. What's not to like?