— 1 : BEAUTIFUL ; pentagon

Superthumb aesthetic aesthetic Superthumb
Everything is beautiful, just the way you are, like the stars that won’t turn off

— 2 : DON'T STOP ; shinee

Superthumb light neon Jonghyun
Still many places to go, it’s not that far. What you see isn’t everything right now

— 3 FIRE ; taeyeon

snsd aesthetic Superthumb Superthumb
You’re the fire, I’m pulled by your warmth

— 4 : HELP ; 10cm

aesthetic hands city city
Sometimes, I dream. Sometimes, I fly, but I always know the ending

— 5 : I'M CRYING ; taemin

Superthumb flowers aesthetic Superthumb
A song for the unstopping rain

— 6 : LIPSTICK ; shinee

key aesthetic aesthetic key
Color yourself with a beautiful color. Paint it several times on your small lips

— 7 : MISSING YOU ; btob

sungjae black and white black sungjae
I was missing you and another day passed. I was missing you and another year passed. This is how I live, as I long for you

— 8 : PRISM ; shinee

Jonghyun colors aesthetic Superthumb
Show me things I haven’t seen before. Tell me things that didn’t exist in the world

— 9 : SHE'S A BABY ; zico

Superthumb Superthumb aesthetic block b
She’s a baby. Once you get to know her, she’s a baby. Never gonna leave her alone

— 10 : TOMBOY ; hyukoh

hyukoh Superthumb hyukoh Superthumb
The young us, we can’t see our tree rings. Our eyes are getting blind from the bright lights

— 11 : TRUST ME ; dreamcatcher

dreamcatcher Superthumb hand dreamcatcher
I hear and feel the rain. Close your eyes and tell me it’s alright

— 12 : UNIVERSE ; exo

do aesthetic Superthumb Superthumb
I’ll search the universe until I can find you again

— 13 : CAN'T LOVE YOU ANYMORE ; iu feat. hyukoh

Superthumb aesthetic Superthumb Superthumb
We try to ignore it but at this point, how can we love again?

— 14 : THE RAIN ; ladies code

Superthumb loneliness aesthetic Superthumb
You ignore my heart and you coldly avoid my tears

— 15 : LULLABY ; dreamcatcher

dreamcatcher aesthetic aesthetic dreamcatcher
Lullaby, don’t go today, I’ll sing you this song. Even when morning comes, stay with me

— 16 : GRUMPY ; bolbbalgan4

bolbbalgan4 aesthetic aesthetic Superthumb
I don’t like you, you pinch my cheeks, my heart turns red. I hate it when you tease me, you're being mean

— 17 : INSTAGRAM ; dean

dean amour black asian
All night just wasting time like this inside Instagram

— 18 : PUPPY LOVE ; astro

Superthumb Superthumb dress astro
Even though it was puppy love, I know even though I’m young, the pain is the same

— 19 : LAUGHTER ; seventeen

kpop couple Superthumb Superthumb
Our smile flowers bloom, I’ll be the spring to your smile

— 20 : DON'T LEAVE ; block b

kpop black aesthetic kpop
I won’t make the same mistakes again so, please... don’t leave