— 1 : BEAUTIFUL ; pentagon

pentagon and yeo one image pastel, pink, and aesthetic image Image by @blushylust on instagram♡ pentagon and yeo one image
Everything is beautiful, just the way you are, like the stars that won’t turn off

— 2 : DON'T STOP ; shinee

cute boy, Jonghyun, and kpop image light image neon, aesthetic, and blue image Image removed
Still many places to go, it’s not that far. What you see isn’t everything right now

— 3 FIRE ; taeyeon

snsd and taeyeon image pink, aesthetic, and pastel image aesthetic, aesthetics, and asian image snsd, Sunny, and tiffany image
You’re the fire, I’m pulled by your warmth

— 4 : HELP ; 10cm

car, blue, and light image hands, separate, and photography image city, light, and night image train, city, and photography image
Sometimes, I dream. Sometimes, I fly, but I always know the ending

— 5 : I'M CRYING ; taemin

kpop, SHINee, and Taemin image flowers, red, and roses image red, vintage, and aesthetic image kpop, Taemin, and day and night image
A song for the unstopping rain

— 6 : LIPSTICK ; shinee

fashion, SHINee, and k-pop image red, lips, and aesthetic image red, aesthetic, and lips image key, SHINee, and kim kibum image
Color yourself with a beautiful color. Paint it several times on your small lips

— 7 : MISSING YOU ; btob

sungjae, btob, and yook sungjae image Image by Vx Image by gddlna0137 sungjae, btob, and yook sungjae image
I was missing you and another day passed. I was missing you and another year passed. This is how I live, as I long for you

— 8 : PRISM ; shinee

Image removed rainbow, hands, and grunge image sky, rainbow, and aesthetic image k-pop, pastel, and SHINee image
Show me things I haven’t seen before. Tell me things that didn’t exist in the world

— 9 : SHE'S A BABY ; zico

zico, jaehyo, and taeil image couple, hold, and zico image angel, pale, and bambi image block b, kpop, and zico image
She’s a baby. Once you get to know her, she’s a baby. Never gonna leave her alone

— 10 : TOMBOY ; hyukoh

hyukoh image korean, urban, and oh hyuk image hyukoh image korean, oh hyuk, and urban image
The young us, we can’t see our tree rings. Our eyes are getting blind from the bright lights

— 11 : TRUST ME ; dreamcatcher

dreamcatcher, korea, and kpop image Image by bruno hand image dreamcatcher, korea, and kpop image
I hear and feel the rain. Close your eyes and tell me it’s alright

— 12 : UNIVERSE ; exo

exo, d.o, and kyungsoo image aesthetic, soft, and flower image Inspiring Image on We Heart It exo, exo kyungsoo, and gif image
I’ll search the universe until I can find you again

— 13 : CAN'T LOVE YOU ANYMORE ; iu feat. hyukoh

pink, hyukoh, and 오혁 image aesthetic, baby blue, and Lyrics image art, city, and cloudy image Image removed
We try to ignore it but at this point, how can we love again?

— 14 : THE RAIN ; ladies code

ladies' code image loneliness, quotes, and flowers image 50s, beauty, and hurt image ladies' code image
You ignore my heart and you coldly avoid my tears

— 15 : LULLABY ; dreamcatcher

dreamcatcher, handong, and kpop image purple, hands, and aesthetic image purple, neon, and aesthetic image dreamcatcher, gahyeon, and kpop image
Lullaby, don’t go today, I’ll sing you this song. Even when morning comes, stay with me

— 16 : GRUMPY ; bolbbalgan4

girl and bolbbalgan4 image honey, red, and aesthetic image couple, car, and vintage image tell me you love me, cute, and jiyoung image
I don’t like you, you pinch my cheeks, my heart turns red. I hate it when you tease me, you're being mean

— 17 : INSTAGRAM ; dean

dean and kpop image amour, red, and light image selfie, life, and fake image dean, kpop, and deanfluenza image
All night just wasting time like this inside Instagram

— 18 : PUPPY LOVE ; astro

astro and eunwoo image anime, 90s, and aesthetic image dress, fashion, and kawaii image astro and eunwoo image
Even though it was puppy love, I know even though I’m young, the pain is the same

— 19 : LAUGHTER ; seventeen

s.coups, Seventeen, and kpop image Seventeen, theme, and choi seungcheol image Seventeen, theme, and choi seungcheol image korean, kpop, and polaroid image
Our smile flowers bloom, I’ll be the spring to your smile

— 20 : DON'T LEAVE ; block b

u-kwon, block b, and bastarz image dark and black image dark, grunge, and black image u-kwon, block b, and kpop image
I won’t make the same mistakes again so, please... don’t leave