I know I've already made an introduction article, but I saw this challenge (#ThisIsMe) floating around and I thought it'd be fun to try it out! The point of this is to describe myself with pictures as best as I could, so lets see how this goes ! (credits to @loveinbrooklyn for the amazing idea!)


fashion Superthumb aesthetic aesthetic aesthetic aesthetic
as you can probably tell, i live for my denim. lately i've gotten so lazy that all i wear is my mum jeans and a random shirt tucked in but if i want to be a little extra, i would add some cute minimalistic jewellery or some cute socks.


aesthetic aesthetic aesthetic aesthetic
i've really been liking pale primary colours lately, especially blue and pink has always been one of my favourites.


art article camera notes
I didn't quite have an idea of what I was going to write in this section, but my passions include drawing and photography and music. When I say music I mean more the listening part, as I never had the commitment to learn instruments. The last one is more of a hobby, and that's calligraphy and making my notes nice.


jin dog aesthetic bts animal adorable
i don't really have a favourite animal but sugar gliders are aDORABLE and I really love chows (top and bottom right) and shibas (middle left).


Superthumb bakery delicious Superthumb coffee avocado
my favourite foods include japanese bentos and japanese food in general (top left, middle right) anything from a french bakery, pasta, fancy toast and bubble tea (i cant live without it)


Superthumb beach black and white gif beauty fashion
my personality is a little hard to describe but i tend to be quite loud/not afraid to speak my mind, i'm adventurous and love exploring - around the people i love, i'm happy, kinda weird and making shitty jokes/referencing inside jokes.

dreams and goals

jordan article Superthumb Superthumb
in the future, my dreams consist of travelling to magical places, being happy, learn makeup and be able to do some kind of freelance art (doing what i love).


80s spirited away anime 90s
my types of films are 80s, 90s and japanese animations/ghibli films. my favourites include the breakfast club, clueless and I can't pick a favourite ghibli film lol.


book Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb
some of my favourites include everything everything, the sun is also a star, carry on and simon vs the homo sapiens agenda. (i couldn't find a pick of the simon book bc my search was blocked for including 'homo)

i hope you enjoyed this, thanks for reading ♡

- miu @richyouth