I know that it's 2 days past Valentines day but I totally forgot to write about what happened on that day. So, it was a very special and lovely Valentines day for me, I feel so happy and feel like maybe my relationship with my boyfriend will last longer than I thought it would.
It was 7 AM, I woke up and began my day like normal, I brushed my hair, got dressed, brushed my teeth, grabbed breakfast, woke up my mom to take me to school, grabbed my breakfast and left, I went to meet my friend in the cafeteria and gave her a birthday present than I was off, I went to my boyfriend and gave him a big hug, he smiled at me and I smiled at him, we began to talk and hang out some, I than grabbed the hoodie that I was carrying and gave it to him "Awe, a new hoodie? thank you! you know what I like" he said, we continued talking until he got a phone call, he said he would be back and he left.
He was gone for 5 minutes, I continued to wait and wondered where he was, until i got a message from him, it said 'Close your eyes' and than I heard him yelling "Close your eyes!" so I shouted back "Alright! my eyes are closed!" and I heard his footsteps coming closer as a minute passed, eventually I heard his footsteps stop right in front of me, I heard him set something on the bench in front of me when he got close to me ear and said "Open your eyes~," I opened my eyes and was filled with mixed emotions as I saw that he got me roses and chocolate.

He told me before 'I am allergic to pollen, if I get near a flower I start sneezing, I didn't expect roses but he got me them, they where so lovely and beautiful, they where the best present I've ever received, despite his allergies he actually decided to get me flowers, I was so impressed and so happy, but so confused at the same point, why would he get me roses? he could've had an allergic reaction, why would he risk his safety for me? what does he see in me? I kept asking myself those same questions throughout the morning, he and I talked until almost 8 AM, we went, grabbed the breakfast carts for our classes, hugged, and said bye, we than went our separate ways for that moment.
throughout the day I waited for time to pass by so that I can see him again, eventually the time was 10:14 AM and the bell had rung, it was time for the 10 minute break, I packed my bag, grabbed my roses and ran to the cafeteria where I knew I would see my Valentine, I smiled as I saw him, we both sat and talked until the bell rang, we than headed to Italian and sat at our desks, once we got there I grabbed something from my binder and gave it to him, he smiled and said "What's this?" he opened it and said "Awe, a mix CD? your so sweet" I smiled and hugged him, he and I talked and said sweet nothings to each other through the class and worked on our projects for Italian, it wasn't until the last five minutes of class, he and I where packing up when he began to say "Hey Celeste, I have a present for you, it's in my pants" I started laughing at what he said because I was being a total pervert at that moment, he got why I was laughing and began laughing himself "It's not like that you perv! I meant it was in my pocket!" and we both laughed more "I know what you meant, I just had to do that Thomas, you have the cutest reactions to thing" "Yeah I guess.... anyways during lunch meet me in the quad, I'm gonna take you too the 500 building to give you your presents, I don't want people to see it" I smiled warmly and tried to keep a straight face, I totally failed, my lips curved up into a big smile and I started laughing so hard again, "Oh geez, I wonder why you don't want anybody to see it~" I said in a teasingly seductive way, his face was the cutest shade of scarlet red I had ever seen, it was so cute his reaction, "I told you it's not that! I did not mean it like that!"
we both laughed again and calmed down, after that he said "Just be in the quad alright? I'll get you" I smiled and said "Alright Cutie" just than the bell rang, we hugged, gave each other a kiss on the cheek and left.
I went to my PE class and waited for time to pass by, I was very curious why he didn't want anybody to see, I was curious to know what it was, as my thoughts kept going on about what it could be time passed by very quickly, soon enough I was dressed and leaving the PE field, the bell rang and I walked to the quad quickly, I smiled as I saw my friends there, I talked to them as I was waiting for him, I was very excited as I saw him in the distance, he slowly walked to me with a smile on his face,"Hey Celeste" he said, I smiled and grabbed my backpack, I began walking with him as he walked by my side, I smiled and looked at him through the corner of my eye, he was smiling and blushing so much, I smiled and continued walking until we got to our destination.
I smiled and set my backpack on the ground "So, do you wanna go first or me?" he asked "I'll go first, here's your present~" I said as I handed him a box, he opened it and examined the contents, he smiled and hugged me "awe, thanks, I like it" I smiled and said "I tried to make it as best as I could" "It's great, thank you" I blushed and smiled as he set that and his backpack on the ground, he smiled and stood back up, he said "Are you ready for yours?" I smiled and said "Yes, Yes, I'm closing my eyes" I closed my eyes and stood there, suddenly I felt him grab my hand, he slid something on my finger, he than said "Open your eyes~," I opened my eyes and looked at my hand, I gasped and blushed as I saw that he gave me a ring "Oh my god! It's so beautiful, I love it" I said "It's a promise ring" he said and I smiled "I love it, thank you" I said "So, are you ready for your last present?" "Yeah, I know, I'm closing my eyes" I closed my eyes and set my hands to my sides.
A minute later I feel all warm and my face heating up and I feel something on my lips, I opened my eyes and saw him kissing me, I blushed darker and smiled, a few seconds later he broke and looked at me, I blushed and looked at the ground in a loss for words, I smiled widely when he said "I love you~" "I love you too~" I said, "Wanna go to the quad or something?" I suggested, "Sure, let's go" he said, we grabbed our things and left, "So what did you think of your second present?" I blushed as he asked that "I-It was very nice and sweet, I loved it" I said and blushed darker, we walked to the quad and sat there, half way through our conversation he grabbed my hand and began holding it, I blushed and smiled at him, we held hands for the rest of lunch.
We hung out until the bell rang and said goodbye, we kissed once again and left, I went to 5th period and watched time pass by, on my way too 6th period I saw him and smiled, I hugged him and smiled "I love you Thomas" "Love you too Celeste" he said, we kissed one last time and went to class, time passed by quickly and after that I went home.
I got home and put my flowers in water, I set them by my bedside table and than got started on my homework, I finished homework and texted him for the rest of the day, we said sweet nothings to each other, played games, talked about random video games, anime, and movies until he went to bed, I was happy the rest of the night. I had a great Valentines Day with him, it was just perfect, I didn't care that we didn't go out or anything, I was just happy to spend time with him, above all it was the best Valentines Day ever, and it was special because he was my first Valentine, it was romantic and beautiful. I may never forget that day for as long as I shall live.