Hey there again, people!
I know it's been a long time since my last article but I just haven't find the time to write. I got an office job and is my senior year and my mental health doesn't help at all, things aren't great at home either so I barely can breathe, but these days things have been going up again a little bit, still not great but I cope.

So I thought I would do something to cheer things up, don't know if to cheer you or me up hahaha.
I got this idea from a page I follow on Facebook, you send them any picture and they will interpret it with poetry and I really love it so I want to do the same here but every poem will be original.

Here's how it will go:
1. Upload your picture.
2. Send me a postcard with the picture.
3. Be patient, please. This is for fun for me and you.
4. I'll send you a postcard when is up.

Additional notes:
○ Don't be afraid to ask for things, I love you all guys! Words or names or lenght, whatever you can think of is valid!
○ All pictures will be credited, hoping all of them are originals. If not, send name of the original creator and I'll credit you both.
○ Unless asked differently, every poem will be an original and if you would like to use it then you can just ask.
○ I'll write and post in order of receivment, so bare with me if yours takes more time.
○ I don't expect anything back, just a nice thank you will be fine.

I hope you are excited as I am to start this new adventure. Articles will remain the same along with these and even my review on the movie Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri will be up, let's hope, tomorrow! Remember you can ask for reviews and translations (from articles or poems or so).

♥ Cross your fingers for me ♥


Ana Luján
Ana Luján
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