Hello love! Today I shall teach you how to study properly: what to do, what not to do, and everything inbetween. Ready? Let's go!


Look at these flashcards. Beautiful, colourful, chock full of information. Perfect, right? No. Forget aesthetics. The point of a flashcard is to memorize things, but when you have too much information, it's impossible to remember it all. Just put one short sentence. Of course you can highlight things and make them pretty with little banners, but the important thing is that you remember the content. It's okay if your flashcards are a little messy.

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save the extensive research for your notes, not your flashcards!


This is where you put most of the important information. When writing notes, make sure everything is neat and organized. If it's hard to separate different topics from each other, make little boxes around them, give each topic a subheading. Highlight important things, make a glossary in the margin. Make diagrams, flow charts, webs- whatever fits your needs.

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here's a few examples of how you can format your notes. don't worry if your pictures aren't intricate, you just need to be able to understand them.


Some schools give out planners to their students. If you school does this, take advantage of it. Use it. Every single day. If your school doesn't supply one, that's even better because you can buy one that fits your needs better and looks prettier. Trust me, writing things down helps you remember that you have those assignments due, and even if you still forget, you'll have it written down. Whatever you do, don't trust your memory. It's awful.

Additionally, if you don't have homework, write down that you don't have homework. If you don't, future you will squint at the blank space in your planner, wondering what you were supposed to do. Then you'll ask all your friends who may or may not be reliable, or it might even convince you it's not really worth all the time to ask.

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write it down as soon as you get it!


Most people consider homework and studying as two separate things, but really, it's the same. Practice makes perfect. Homework isn't busywork, it's helping you practice, helping you remember what you learned in class. I don't care if your grading system only weighs your homework in at 5%, doing the homework can change your test scores a lot.

Fighting Procrastination

On every single WHI studying article, they tell you to clear your space, turn off electronics, and light your space. All very important, I agree, but here's some information that you might not have heard for the trillionth time.

Have a full water bottle and a small (hopefully healthy, but let's be real) snack at your desk. Put your phone in the other room, or out of sight. If you have your water by your side, you won't make excuses to get up for it. If you're hungry, you have your snack right there! Studies have shown that having your phone around you, even if it's turned off, can distract you and you won't be completely focused.

Get a comfortable chair. Not comfy, comfortable. You don't want to be constantly reajusting your position, but you also don't want to fall asleep because your chair is so darn fluffy.

Wear regular clothes. Again, wearing pajamas will make you want to binge watch Stranger Things on Netflix, but wearing regular clothes will give you the illusion that's you're in school and you have to pay attention.

Have someone change your passwords for any and all social media you use. Netflix, Youtube, Facebook, whatever. For sites that don't use a password, like Buzzfeed, there are lots of programs that can block specific sites for a certain period of time. Use them!

S t r e t c h

Take a five minute break every twenty to thirty minutes, and stretch. Sitting down for long periods of time is bad for you, and I usually get back pains, so go on Youtube and look up some yoga stuff. You can even do a workout while you're at it! (Though I doubt you will. tsk, tsk.)

That's it for today's article. I hope you enjoyed it, and good luck on your tests! Follow my collections here:

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