I hate the way you made me feel
Now, that I know what love is, I really hate the way you made me feel
And no, it wasn’t a boy that taught me what love is
It was my friends, it was my family.

You taught me what hurt is
What disloyalty is
What being a second choice is
What being heartbroken is all about.

You taught me what it was like
To give your all to someone
And have it still not be good enough

You made me feel in love
But that wasn’t what I wanted
I wanted to feel loved
And that’s how I felt the least.

One year, 365 days
8760 hours of my life
Spent on you.

I spent all of it on you
And that is fine
Because at the end,
I gained self-worth

So thank you,
Thank you for cheating,
And lying to me,
And putting me second.

Thank you for not staying,
For pushing me away,
Thank you for hurting me
Because you opened my eyes.

You said you couldn’t love me until I loved myself
And I couldn’t love myself because I was too busy loving you
But my friends loved me, and my family loved me,
And thanks to you, now I love me too.

You should’ve loved me when you had the chance
And I know at some point you did love me
But it wasn’t enough and I needed more
Because I deserved more
Because I know that if you hadn’t been so greedy with your love,
I would’ve gotten more.

I hope she gets all of it
I hope you make her happy
Since you couldn’t make me
I hope you’re there for her
I hope you stay true to her

Teach her what being loved feels like
The same way you taught me
What being neglected feels like
The same way you taught me
How to be stronger
The same way you taught me
That promises don’t mean shit
When the person that makes them
Has a troubled heart.

Thank you, for being my love
And my hate
My laughs
And my tears
My obsession
And my fear.

Thank you, because when you pushed me away
And I tripped
My friends were there to keep me on my feet
To keep me balanced.

So thank you, because if it wasn’t for you
I wouldn’t be the person I am today.