Hey guys! Raven here.
So, I'm a big writer. I try to write as often as I can, and I have a book that I am currently working on. For most authors, professional or not, Writer's Block is a big struggle and it's pretty much your worst nightmare (at least for me it is). Sometimes, you just need some inspiration to get those creative juices flowing. That's why I have a couple of prompts for you to write about!

-A foreign exchange student trying to fit into a prestigious high school or college

-Zombie Apocalypse and you and your friends/family are the last people alive

-You get stuck in a video game and you need to beat the game to get out

-You have a stalker

-You're a king/queen and your kingdom is being attacked

-You're sent on a mission to live on Mars

-You're an orphan and you sneak out of your orphanage, to find that you have big troubles ahead

-You're the only normal person in a school of kids with supernatural powers, well, you THINK you're the only normal one

-You're in a love triangle

-You go back in time to find secrets about your mysterious family

-You start a band to enter a compitition

-You're world is turned upside-down (literally)

-A "shadow" tries to kill you

-You're accepted into the school of your dreams, but things aren't always as it seems

-You work for the Devil on Earth

-You or your friend suffers severe depression

I hope this helps with all the writers on here! This is also my first article, so please try to refrain from the rude criticism, though constructive criticism is always welcome!

Have a good life, a good school year, and a good February/Winter Break!!!