each ab workout is 30 sec each
1. Sit-ups
2. Knee touch crunches
3. Heel touches
4. Bicycle crunches
5. Reach through crunches
6. Toe reaching crunches
7. Toe tap leg lifts
8. Flutter Kicks
9. Scissor Kicks
10. Leg Lifts
11. Leg up alternating toe crunch
12. Crunch kicks
13. Side plank 30sec each side

1. Lying down squats - 20
2. The seashell - 10 bothsides
3. The ballet move - 10 bothsides

1. Lying down push-ups
this is a hard one to explain but you lay on your stomach with your legs lifted off the floor and your arms by your side and pushing up always keeping your elbows bent,
i do this move for 1 minute

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thnx for reading, I hope this helps :)