If you come right now, I suggest you to see the others articles. Because you can identify with an animal that's not here and see what is an animal power

Fox: Hability, savvy, camouflage, observation,integration and sagacity.

fox animal

Spider : Creativity, web of life, manifestation of magic to achieve your dreams..

Superthumb animal

Loyalty, hability of loving unconditionally, be on duty..

animal animal


Knowledge of subconscious, understand dark thoughts!

animal animal


Perfect comunity, patience, work bit**, strong,resistance and aggressiveness.

ant Superthumb


Your animal is a lizard if.. You're otimism, can adaptate, have the power of regeneration, renewal and transformation..

mirror, funny, and grunge image

Cat ^-^
mysteries, magic power, sensuality, independency, mystic visions and clean...

animal adorable

Attention: if you do not identify see the others parts.

kisses cat girl ^-^