i've been seeing #thisismechallenge floating around here on whi for a while now and thought i'd do it too so uhm lez go i'll basically describe myself in pictures :p


red, aesthetic, and cigarette image brand, fashion, and swag image fashion, outfit, and grunge image fashion, style, and outfit image
i'd say that my style is pretty undefined and i like it that way, i don't want it to be categorized as something. this is almost embarrassing but i l love designer brands more than anything.


alternative, car, and dark image dance, grunge, and quotes image ️lorde, arctic monkeys, and music image feminist, feminism, and men image

are roadtrips in the night a passion? other than that, i've been dancing my whole life (i still suck) and i am very interested in music and passionate about human rights.


coffee, drink, and aesthetic image food, sushi, and green image food image coffee, book, and tumblr image
i love coffe... i love sushi... i love cuisine food such as thai, greek and japanese.


ezra miller, movie, and the perks of being a wallflower image Image removed movie, the shawshank redemption, and andy dufresne image anime, black, and dark image
the perks of being a wallflower (mostly bc of patrick/ezra), fight club <33, the shawshank redemption and the best animated movie ever created AKA spirited away !! i'm a movie fanatic so ehm yeah i love classics..

tv shows

lost, night, and black mirror image couple, gossip girls, and gif image damon, elena, and salvatore image Image removed
i actually dislike tv shows and as i already told you i'm more into movies and these three (i got tired of tvd) are the only tv shows that i've actually finished and really love lol...


frank iero, gif, and ray toro image sad, Sherman, and yung lean image rihanna, theme, and tumblr image pentatonix, ptx, and mitch image
+ aphex twin james i love u


cure, grunge, and light image love, girl, and lesbian image Alyssa, series, and netflix image Ozzy Osbourne, quotes, and ozzy image
ok but how tf do u describe ur personality in pictures..?


aesthetic, love, and quotes image aesthetic, alternative, and canada image aesthetic, alternative, and black image art, statue, and aesthetic image
the only 2 goals i have in my life is to find love ugh and move to toronto, i want that more than anything.

tnx for reading i guess