I am uncertain of the life I was given, in a world full of darkness, not knowing which way to turn both physically and most definitely mentally. Those born into luxury are being shielded away from the many truths this world has to offer. The real world hidden from some but a constant reality to others is cruel, it is not sorry. It doesn’t matter who you are but darkness will prevail your thoughts and your soul at some point or another. Feelings of worthlessness, betrayal and never knowing what’s next consume your mind. Battling your thoughts till you can no longer fight them, you are consumed by them.

The little joys in life are too temporary, you can’t make happiness stay, happiness is scared by your thoughts it escapes soon after appearing. Why does no one understand, why is putting on a show so easy, a fake portrayal of a ‘normal’ lifestyle. Normal being a copy of what is portrayed in media, what we see we believe to be real but what is normal? can it really be defined? Is it what is constantly chucked down our throats suffocating us or has that life been pursued so long people just believe it? No one questions anymore no one thinks on their own.

The feeling of roses growing around you, vines wrapping around your neck tighter and tighter as you lay there waiting for the thorns to pierce your neck. Beautiful yet painful just like this life. Life is cruel.