waddup, this is year already have some good music out, so here´s some things that i´ve been listening to.

The band released the EP "HARD" late last year, and in january we got another one, called "To imagine" whitch completed the project. Both EP´s got a vintage vibe, the first one have more of a mix of sadness, nostalgia and the beginng of love, and "to imagine" have more romantic songs with a cinematic melody, also 80´s inspired. I can´t even pick a favourite, but i really loved "to imagine" tbh.
This week (today, actually) the band released a song called void and annouced that a self titled album will come out in march.
/top songs: Dust, stuck with me, scary love, void.

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Robbie aka cavetown, released his debut album early january, and it´s really refreshig and genuine. The main single, titled "Lemon boy" (whitch is also the name of the album) it´s a bittersweet story about a bittersweet boy, and in a certain way, that is the soul of all songs, that somethimes carry sad lyrics (the bitter part) but also carry a friendly vibe (the sweet part) making the listening experience sound like a rainy day or a hug, confortable, necessary and genuine. It´s good to mention that the entire album was produced/recorded/everything by Robbie himself, and for me this is a plus that i admire and support.

(top songs: lemon boy, 888, another of these days.) (Robbie also makes covers, originals and other things in his youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/fluffybluehat )

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YOU THINK YOU'RE A COMIC! it´s the (great) name of Gus new ep. In only four songs this guy created a nice atmosphere of a unique sounding that you can dance to or just enjoy the intense indie sound. Starting with the energectic song "prune, you talk funny" and going to the slow-strong "i have lost my pearls" was such a good misture of sounding. After this EP, i have no doubts that the quirky and dancing sound of Dapperton it´s actually really solid and great.
(listen the damn whole EP)

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Ok, troye have only released two songs until now, but honestly, they´re great. It´s a great mixture of dancing (MY MY MY) and crying (the good side), not only in apreciation of feelings, but this shows that Troye is a really versatile artist, and i hope to see this more in his new album.

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paramore´s rose-colored boy music video, BORNS new album, the regrettes new music and the Sorry music video, by Halsey.

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