Today was really tiring, plus, recent events happening in Parkland were really traumatizing for me.

My thoughts and prayers are with those who lost their loved one/sister/brother/child/friend... With this post, I just want to ask everyone who's seeing this, to spread love and enjoy life's every moment !

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For those of you who had a bad day, I'm just asking you to SMILE. The little details, everyday problems won't matter that much a year later. No matter if you have a broken heart, a bad grade, or a friendship issue, know that your sadness or loneliness won't last forever. But for that, YOU have to act. And the easiest way to make yourself better, is to spread happiness and love around you !

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Express your love and feelings, smile even at the tiniest things that make you happy.

  • If your parents are still with you, tell them you love them!
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  • If you have siblings, make sure that despite all of those little misunderstandings or fights, you show them that life wouldn't be the same without them ! (i know i would if i had one :) )
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  • Tell you friends how important and dear they are to you !
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  • Don't be afraid to express your feelings to someone. You love him/her ? Go tell them ! Even if they don't love you back, you'll be relieved and you'll have no regrets !
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JUST make sure that you live your life to its fullest ! Keep learning, keep growing and keep smiling to life, if you want it to smile you back too!

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Hope my article made your day just a little bit better !

(oh and also, pardon my english, which isn't my native language)