I have the feeling that you don't wanna be around me anymore ripped m heart out and threw it on the floor always thought so highly of you now I'm just broken into two because I just loved you and blocked everyone else who was true to me and I knew they would never leave made new friends and you said to leave them and I listened for some odd reason cant help it because your just too wonderful I guess I thought but you changed my perspective about everything you ripped out all of my heart strings I just don't wanna see you now betrayed me and I don't want you around not today not tomorrow now in m wound your just a sorrow just a scar maybe I went a little too far I was just tryna touch the stars just tryna fly to mars and avoid this pain cause now everything's changed nothing left is the same I guess its such a shame how I fell in love with your pearly white smile and your innocent dimples turns out you were just a figment of my imagination as I sit down in this white hall in my fancy clothes saying congratulations but turns out you were just an unrequited love that never turned into a dove fling above all of the clouds I bet your parents are so proud of your accomplishments yet it still gives me astonishment because you broke my heart and I wonder if she`s next only if she knew what to expect don't leave your girl she`s as precious as these pearls she`s wearing around her neck she smiles but on the inside she`s a wreck she saw you with that woman she did nothing but run knowing you were having fun with another girl when you weren't with her she just wiped a tear away and left her fears today she`s finally out of her shell but in her head there's still a bell telling her that he`s living in hell casting out a spell on the ones who fell for his twisted messed up plan as he grabs another`s hand running on the sand now she needs a bandage to cover up the damage that he left stuck in her mind wishing she could rewind and jump right back in line so she could just turn back the time before the both had met before she had let him slip inside her head thought that she was dead all the things he never said led to this whole mess it had got her obsessed she`ll handle the rest he sees her as a pest but she holds it back again wanting to begin a whole nother life so she'll seethe signs