8.- What are five passions you have?

1.- help others

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Well, I have a strange need to help or care for others, I really like to know that I can be there for others and help them, so I guess if it counts as a passion

2.- photography

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I think that I explain it with the article I published previously (https://weheartit.com/articles/307340863-my-dream-job-day-7) but yes, this could be considered my maximum passion

3.- to write

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At this point most (WHI) could agree that it is a passion, is that writing is something wonderful, it serves so many things, honestly I think it is necessary (at least for me) to write something daily, both here, in the internet and on paper
A liitle gift

4.- edit

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This is an art, to be able to transform something that can be simple or common to something fascinating and out of the ordinary is so great, I could spend hours editing different things.

5.- clean up

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Ok, this may sound weird, but it's kind of mania, I cannot be in a dirty place without cleaning, I could honestly clean a whole house in a while without complaining and without getting bored

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