...and not become a pathetic loser at the end of the semester trying not to die...like me

1. Be surrounded by the right people
I was lucky enough to choose between two kinds of people.

  • Exhibit A: The ones that really want to study and get good grades in University while being super funny and cool but again still don't forget why they are at University.
  • Exhibit B: The ones that don't do anything. Hate University (or their major). Draw during lectures. Don't do the assigned stuff. And don't study for anything and act super cool and I-don't-care-ish on top of that.

I liked both of my fellow students in Exhibit A but also in Exhibit B. Both groups really fun and entertaining.
However, on the long run, I realized how Exhibit B was constantly badmouthing things that I liked in my major. While Exhibit B was already looking around for something else to major in, they were lazy and eventually even made me question things. They made me feel weird and unmotivated and even kinda nerdy about wanting to get better grades.
You. Don't. Want. To. Hang. With. Exhibit B.
I mean sure, they are nice and funny and whatever, but for your university career it is really really destructive. Like really.
Exhibit A, however, is funny and nice but they also are interested in getting good grades and they even motivate me by having group study sessions.
You want to hang with Exhibit A.

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2. Know the requirements
So basically I was visiting this lecture series not really knowing what to do in order to get credits. I just sad there, took some notes and kinda hung out.
But when my best friend left me alone for the lectures it kinda hit me. I had to write at least 5 Papers for the lectures and since he was done he was not coming anymore. Meant for me: (despite the fact that he left me alone) I had to do a lot of work during the end of the semester which I could've done all at the beginning or just distributed throughout the semester.

So know what you have to do, that way you're not doing more or less than you have to, and you're overall less stressed.

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Please. Please. Please.
Major in something you're really interested in. I mean University is like school all over again but you're doing yourself a favor if you decide to work and learn about something that you're interested in.
If you go with that what-do-I-have-to-do-to-earn-a-shit-ton-of-money-later-bullshit, you will end up sad and depressed and even if your able to get through University with that mindset, you won't be at your full potential and not motivated and when you're sad and depressed and not motivated you will have the worst time ever.
So...pick something you're interested in.
For your sake.

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I mean, that's pretty but it does not have to look like that lol

4. Plan (or at least have the willpower to plan, like me)
Have a routine. As soon as University starts. Develop a routine.A day when you'll read the assigned readings. A day for revision.
Let's take myself as an example again (cuz you don't want you to be like me, remember?). I started super organized and neat by writing down my notes and then rewriting them at home to recap and add information or to do some research about something I did not understand.
3 weeks in, I stopped doing that out of laziness.
Nope. You really don't wanna be like me.
Now I have exams coming up and I have to decipher stuff that I wrote months ago in order to study for my exams.
Keep it neat from the beginning.
Organize yourself every single day only for a little bit and you won't be as stressed when exam season comes up.
Sigh...I wish someone would've told me that.

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5. Work hard, Rest hard
If you part your workload in chunks (throughout the whole semester as indicated in tip 4) then you will have less stress. But if you want to be really good students some all-nighters will be pulled (sorry to tell ya) but after these all-nighters make sure to rest.
Make sure to put your health (MENTAL HEALTH AS WELL AS PHYSICAL HEALTH) first.
University and your future are important but you have to rest and recharge.
So go ahead and take some crazy ass naps. Treat yourself. Watch movies. Read a book.
After you did the work of course. (cuz again, you don't wanna be me)

Thank you for reading! Hope it helped!

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