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Have you ever heard of the love languages?
Have you ever felt that you love people and they love you but none of you is feeling the love of the other?
I have a possible solution for that.
Love languages are something I love to talk about. The expression was first used by Gary Chapman, an American writer. He defined five different channels we can use to give and receive love and he named them love languages. According to him, everyone of us has a dominant and a less dominant language in which we understand the most easily that we are loved. (Everyone has also the dominant languages for expressing love, it is usually the same as the "incoming language", but can be different as well.)

Here are the 5 languages. Scroll down to find out which is yours and read how will they help you make your human relationships better!

1. Receiving gifts

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You cant wait to see the birthday surprise? Your desk is full of small things you got from your friends? A bar of chocolate can make your day? Then this one is your language!

2. Quality time

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If spending a day deep talking and laughing with someone you love, going hiking with the besties or having a family picnic is the best thing you can imagine, this is definitely your one.

3. Words of affirmation

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Imagine someone saying you are beautiful, you are worthy, you did it very well, and you are the best in something that is important to you. Absolute perfection? Absolutely your language.

4. Acts of service

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If it means the world to you when a friend offers their help with studying, when your grandma makes you a snack, or when your parents do your housework, that is because this one is your language!

5. Physical touch

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Big hugs. And I almost said everything about this one. If you are the kind of person who feels loved when your partner often gives you kisses and hugs, or when your mother caresses your head, this is your language. Sometimes these people are hypersensitive to touch because it's too important to them to bear it from anyone not so close to them.

So how love languages make your life better? When you experience that you know love each other but just don't feel it, it is probably because you are trying to communicate love in your language but the other one has another incoming language important to them and vice versa. For example, you always tell your mom you love her and she looks great and she is a good mother - but she needs to get help with the housework because her language is acts of service. Or a friend hugs you often to express they love you, but you feel that you are not important to them because your language is quality time, and you'd rather drink a coffee and talk of life with them.
In this case, the solution is:

  • Get to know yourself and your languages better. Maybe this quiz can help: http://www.5lovelanguages.com/profile/
  • Communicate. Talking about love languages with your beloved ones is really important and helpful!

Well, that was it in a nutshell, I hope you liked it and it helps you make it easier to give and receive love. :)
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