hi people from this incredible universe! today i came to show you some ideas or things that you should do every day of this year!

first - stay hydrated!

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water is the best thing that helps us in the health of the body, we can not leave it aside. Drink at least 4 glasses of water every day.

second - relax and meditate

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can be a little bit tacky (or not) but yes, do it every day. relax will help you to have a more willing, calmer and more cheerful day !!

third - stay comfy

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take off your pants or shorts and put on those sweatpants that are right there in the back of the wall, put on your socks and throw yourself on the bed!

fourth - watch some series or movie

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this is one of the best things, after being comfortable and throwing yourself in bed, get your computer or your own cell phone and watch your favorite series or movie. there is nothing better than watching movie with rain sz

fifth - take lots of pictures of everything.

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know the snapchat memories? so always take pictures there and save! I love to see some photos of the passing and I laugh like a silly. is so good!

sixth - make someone happy!

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This is super important! comment on a person's instagram photo, say that you love your parents and your family, we do not know tomorrow, so spread love around the world!

so this is another article, I hope you enjoyed it! till next week!

xo, L.