This is the fourth part of my first story on WHI. I hope you enjoy it.
If you missed the beginning:

Paris, France - part 2:

Flynn and me were walking threw the streets, to find a cute little coffee. From then and now Flynn stopped to take some photos. He looked at me. " Stay like this! You look very beautiful." I smiled into the camera and stroked my hair because I didn't jnow what to do with my hands.
When Flynn stopped taking photos, he stayed at the same spot for some seconds and kept watching me. I laughed nervously and asked him: "What? Is everything okay?" "Yes, sure. I was just so nervous because of the trip and now I am so happy to be right here in Paris, with such a beautiful girl", he said. I blushed and turned away, so that Flynn wouldn't see it.

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That's when I got an idea; "Flynn, look at this!", I pointed at a photobooth, which was standing next to a store, which sold souvenirs. Before he could answer, I took his hand and pulled him after me. The booth was really small, so it was pretty cramped. I could feel the warmth of his body next to mine. "Okay, here I have 50ct for you", he gave me the money and I started the photoprogram. I could feel how Flynn was watching me, while I smiled into the camera. Click! The first photo was taken. I turned around to look at Flynn. "You should look in the camera", I said quietly. But he kept looking at me and I couldn't turn my eyes away from him. His face was so close to mine and his breath caressed over my cheeks. Click! The second photo was taken. I was still watching him and he was watching me. He was scrutinizing my face and started smiling. There were these wonderful dimples again. Click. The third photo was taken and the printer started to produce the pictures.

We were still sitting in the booth, when the photos were printed out. Nobody said a word. I wanted to touch his perfect face and go over his jawline and cheeks with my finger, just to feel that all that was real.
But right in this moment the travel guide vibrated, to remind us, that we would have to be at the restaurant in half an hour. I couldn't believe that the time have passed so fast. "I, I think we should go back to the hotel to meet the others... maybe we can grab the coffee some other time?", he asked, still looking in my eyes. "I would love to", I whispered. He smiled. Then he took my hand and dragged me by the hand out off the photobooth. We ran along the streets while Flynn was still holding my hand. I felt so free and happy.

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On the way back we started talking about the mysterious phone call, I had listen to. "I talked to my ex-girlfriend... We were two month together, when she slept with my best friend. Now she wants to come back to me, but I can't forgive her and I realised longtime ago, that I didn't love her. But she doesn't want to understand", he said very unpleasently. "How could she cheat on you? That is unbelievable!" He looked at me thankfully and answered embarrassedly: "I didn't feel ready to sleep with her, because... I am still a virgin and I wanted to be sure that she would be the right on." For the first time since an infinity, he turned his head away from me. "Hey, don't be ashamed. I like your idea of waiting for the perfect girl... I am sure that this is going to pay off", I tried to cheer him up. At the same time I couldn't get the idea of me being the perfect girl for him out of my head. But it seemed clear to me, that this would never happen. I mean this is a six weeks journey and afterwards I would never see him again...The feeling of freedom and hapiness was gone and I had a lump in my throat.
But when Flynn said the following words my heart started jumping around again. "Thank you Holly Ray Armstrong. Thanks for being different from all the other girls and making me believe in the good."

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When we came back to the hotel, we went to our rooms to get ready for dinner. The travel guide underlined, that we should wear some well clothes. "Hey girl, where have you been the whole time?", asked Piper couriusly, when I came back into our room. "Oh, here and there. Nowhere special!", I said quietly. I added: "What are you going to wear tonight?" Piper's eyes started to glow: "I have got the perfect dress for this occasion. I already talked to the boys and they are going to wear some damn hot suits", she said giggling. I laughed and turned towards my suitcase. I already knew what to wear! There couldn't be a better moment to wear that dress. My mum made it herself and I loved all about it.

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"Wooow, you look amazing!", she said excited. "Thanks, you are so sweet! Come on, show me your dress!" "Okay, give me a second.

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Her dress was very simple, but it suited her perfectly and I complimented her. When our make-up was done, it was time to go downstairs to meet with the boys. So we went outside and walked down the stairs. That was the moment I could see the boys, standing downstairs. They looked all very handsome.

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I could hear Scott whisteling and the way Piper started giggling nervously. Benyamin was watching Piper and me with big eyes and I could see him blush a little bit. Then my look fell on Flynn. His suite and his bow tie fit perfectly. While I was walking down the stairs, Flynn never let me out of his sight. I smiled at him and he smiled back. When I took the last step, Flynn reached out his hand. "May I accompany you to the dinner, ma lady?", he said put on. "Oh sir, it's a pleasure." We laughed and I took his hand. It didn't matter to me, that the others were staring at us.
After a little moment Benyamin and Scott turned into Piper's direction. Before they could say a word, Piper linked her arms with both of them and I could see how her cheeks burned red with shame and excitement.
We took a cab to go to the restaurant and when I got out of the car, the view was unbelievable. In front of us were standing the Eiffel Tower, with all his blinking lights.

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I was still standing there, when Flynn took my arm and whispered in my ear: "Come this way. There is the entrance to our restaurant." I followed him and by entering the restaurant, I entered a new world, full of glamour and luxury. The guests were dressed beautifully, the halls seemed like the inside of a palace and the smell of delicious food was up in the air.

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We all sat down and ordered our food. Everything seemed to promise, that it would be a perfect evening.


Fourth part is done. I hope you like it! -XOXO Jamie