3 Words to Describe my Best Friend

I have three words. Three words to describe you.
1. Intelligence
I have never ever met another person who can speak as beautifully as you. Words stumble out of your mouth almost as if they couldn’t wait to leave. Yet still, in a fit of excitement, they seem to align themselves so perfectly that your thoughts are executed just as so.

2. Beauty
Of all the people I have laid my eyes on, the best by far is you. And I’m not just talking about outer beauty, you have such a kind soul and a beautiful heart I’m in awe you saw me worthy to show me every part of you. I adore every part of you have pushed into my hands and told me to keep dear to me. And I have, I have never dropped you from your pedestal I put you on not long after we shared our first words.

3. Strength
Not through muscle, although you can pack a punch, I mean through your heart. Between heartbreak, anxious habits and other difficult things, you did not only stay strong but gave me the strength to work through whatever issues I had. You carried yourself and me on your back and I hope to do the same to you.

Aspen, I have never met someone like you, and in writing this I realize that I never ever will. Thank you for helping me grow and become the type of person I looked up to when I was smaller. I love you to bits and pieces, please stay strong for me.