The warmth of the bubble bath couldn't stop it, the gal exuded coolness. Her calm, cool, and collected demeanor, her smooth vibrato, her everything. And if you could resist her alluring manner, or even had enough resistance to even hate her, it wouldn't matter a bit. Words couldn't hurt her, those shades were Gucci.

Do you truly believe such fallacy could be taken for truth?

...The voice shakes the mind, but the voice will be ignored. Her level headedness electrified the air - she didn't give a fuck.

Levelheaded? Shakes the mind? Dear, oh dear, I am the mind, I am the head. I am the truth of your feeble gray matter that will shake you back to the bright green earth. Awaken from this neon dream, return to the bland reality.

She did not. She stayed in her now lukewarm bathtub listening to Tchaikovsky, musing of worlds filled with hues of brilliant reds. Blazing fire, lust, love... Love.

Love for a bratty and selfish girl such as yourself? Hoe, tf?

...She could only think of one thing,"shit u right b."