I've seen a few of these articles and wanted to do one myself so here it is. If i were a..

... season
probably the beginning or middle of spring when it isn't too cold and not too warm

flowers, white, and tulips image Inspiring Image on We Heart It fall, autumn, and beautiful image nature, tree, and forest image

sneakers / trainers
probably nike shoes

nike, white, and shoes image fashion, vans, and style image

light spring rain and a fire

drops, gray, and grey image fire, forest, and wallpaper image

a forest, the woods, the mountains

forest, green, and nature image nature, forest, and wallpaper image blue, girl, and mountains image nature, mountains, and waterfall image

...school subject
art or history

rome, italy, and travel image architecture, aesthetic, and art image

...disney princess
Mulan or Belle

mulan and disney image Image by emily ♡

brownies or anything with caramel

chocolate, brownies, and cake image caramel, nourriture, and yumii image

...TV series
The Originals or The 100

gif, The Originals, and tvd image raven, clark, and the 100 image


fire, gif, and hands image Image by Itscgm348

...moment of the day
early morning, sunrise

photo, sun, and atardecer image photography, sky, and sunrise image

blue and green

awesome, azores, and blue image alternative, green, and pretty image


Image removed alternative, creme, and indie image

...item of clothing
shoes (sneakers mostly)

air force, black, and cool image vans, shoes, and sneakers image

rings, earrings and necklaces

fashion, white, and necklace image earrings, accessories, and jewelry image

mountain/water view

beautiful, lake, and mountains image Image by Ana Paula Horta

...mythical creature
a witch or a werewolf/vampire hybrid

magic, book, and witch image magic, witch, and witchcraft image Image removed ian somerhalder, vampire, and damon image