Hey everyone,
I am writing this article because I sometimes struggle with loving myself. Of course there are days I feel fantastic, but there are also a LOT of days on which I don't love myself.
This article is for all the people who are like me, who are struggling with loving themselves.

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I can't write a 'how to love yourself to-do-list' but there are things you can do to learn how to love yourself. At least they are helping me.
First of all: I can't guarantee you that this is going to help you. I want to write more than one article about this topic because I think it's an very important topic and otherwise this article would be too long.

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But let's finally start.
Everyone of us is different. Everyone of us has different opinions, different problems, a different life. So it's no surprise that everyone has his own, a different, imagination of beauty.
You are not perfect. I am not perfect. The girl you think of being perfect is not. Nobody is or will ever be perfect. You always have to remember this.
1. You think your face is not pretty enough? You think there are girls/boys who are more beautiful than you? Let me tell you something, that's bullsh*t.
You think the girl in front of you has the perfect body? Maybe she is wishing to have your eyes in the exact same moment.
You think you are to small? Maybe the girl next to you in the bus wants to be your size because she thinks she is to tall.
You think your style isn't cool enough? Maybe someone else wishes to have your clothes.

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Instead of looking at the things you hate about yourself, you could try to find things you like. Okay you don't like your body but what about your eyes, they are beautiful.
Next time you see a 'perfect' girl, remember that she's probably struggling with insecurities too. We are all the same, beautiful.

Please write me a postcard and tell me about your insecurities or give me feedback about this article.
Should I write a part 2?