hello beautiful people on the internet! how are you today? fine? i hope so! well, today's post is about healthy lifestyle and i think that you want to know everything about it – that's why you clicked lol – so, let's begin.

first of all, i am not a trainer or a nutritionist. this works for me and i know we all don't have the same body but i just wanted to share this with you guys. and also, do it for yourself not for someone else + this steps are not in order but the result that i got is the same.

first step: inspiration.

not all the body's are the same so find the type of body that you would like to have as an inspiration. for example, i love 4th pic body because she doesn't have the six pack that i am looking for. but here are some examples of kind of bodys.

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second step: food.

healthy food not just looks tumblr – lol – also IS delicious. according with many nutritionist, food it's the key if you want to lose weight or take care of your hemoglobin, insulin, etc. so you are just not eating healthy, you are also taking care of your heart.
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third step: water.

water has so many benefits. here are some of them:
➳ Drinking Water Helps Maintain the Balance of Body Fluids.
➳ Water Can Help Control Calories.
➳ Water Helps Energize Muscles.
➳ Water Helps Keep Skin Looking Good.
➳ Water Helps Your Kidneys.
➳ Water Helps Maintain Normal Bowel Function.
i can assure that water helps keep skin looking good. since i started drinking water, i literally have no pimples (except for that time of the month if you know what im saying). part of this is also the genes but water affects too, so drink water and you will also notice a difference.
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fourth step: work out.

there's a difference between loosing weight because you are working out and because you are doing a diet.
if you are working out, you are not loosing as much weight as eating healthy, what you are burning is water not fat. the only way that you can delete that fat satisfactorily is by the food you are consuming. when you are on the gym, you are toning your muscles, you are making them strong and they are getting on shape. for me, i think that step it depends on you… if you want to have a six pack or a hard booty you can go to the gym to get it.
by the way, working out it's also important because you are keeping your muscles active and when you're old, believe me when I tell you that your bones and muscles won't hurt like other people at that age. you can mix eating healthy and going to the gym together and girl… let me tell you that you will have that bikini body!
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+ other ways to work out:

going to the gym it's not the only way to have fun while you are toning your muscles. there are many fun ways that you can do it too! let me show you some examples below :)
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boxing: perfect if you are having a bad day or tired and just want to hit something.
girl, summer, and ocean image vízilabda, tvse, and tatabanyaleany image
water sports: if you love the feeling of being on the water here are some examples of sports that you can do: waterpolo, swimming, surf, windsurf, rafting, synchronized swimming and many more…
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functional training: the coach prepares a series of exercises to burn all the body (exercises to tone the arms, legs, abdomen, there is everything). the training is in a group and they rotate.
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dance classes: if you want to have fun and exercise at the same time, dancing is the best for you. You can choose the genre that you want. from ballet, to salsa.

fifth step: consistency.

if you want to keep a healthy lifestyle you must be patient for results and consistent because it's not easy but at the end it's amazing. SO DON'T GIVE UP! don't expect to have abs for tomorrow. also, you will not be healthy if you do this only for a day and then you continue eating hamburgers and stuff everyday. no no no, i'm going to talk to you about in the next step.
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sixth and final step: cheat day.

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you have to reward you for your good consistency so… select a day of the weak to be your cheat day and eat whatever you want. i do this twice or once a month. but it's good when you also burn what you eat haha.

anyways, we just got to end of the article. i hope this was helpful and if you have any doubts you can always message me.
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see you on another post, bye :)x

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