Test anxiety is a combination of physiological over-arousal, tension and somatic symptoms, along with worry, dread, fear of failure, and catastrophizing, that occur before or during test situations.

I think most of you guys reading this right now have struggled with the one and only horrible test anxiety...
And for you guys who have not experienced it, and I hope you never do, ill try to describe it a little.

It's endless sleepless nights of tossing and turning.
It's fear.
Fear of what is coming.
Fear of failure.
Fear of disappointment.
It's going to that test dead tired because your brain is constantly worrying.
And when i say constantly, I mean constantly.
Imagine being forced to a listen to one song on repeat for days.
You cant pause, you can't stop.
it just plays.
over and over.
and over.
and over again.
for hours, days, weeks...
This is what the brain does.
"do you really know this?
Are you sure you know this?
You will fail.
You won't do good.
You are nothing.
You are a disappointment."
Imagine your brain repeating those sentences and questions constantly, You cant pause you cant stop it.
It just goes on.
And on.
And on...
Even if you do study, when you see that paper, your mind just goes blank.
You try to remember anything, a word a clue anything.
But you come up with nothing.
Your hands are clammy, the pen in slipping from your hand.
The clock, ticking away, ticking ticking...
Your breath becoming shallow.
Heartrate faster than the speed of light.
Vision blurry.
Headache drilling holes in your skull.
Leaving the exam hall is hell.
Going home is worse.
Your brain starts making you feel worse with the continuous constant thoughts.
You break into a million pieces over and over again.
And the worse part, only a few understand this.
But I do, I understand.
And in this article, i will try my best to give you the most effective tips that help with test anxiety.

1 Self Confidence

Every one of you with Test Anxiety has probably heard this a million times.
I know.
But that does not mean it isn't important.
But how to gain self-confidence?
What a lot of people don't understand is that gaining self-confidence isn't something that happens overnight.
It is a long hard process that takes time and effort.
I know that.
You are not alone.
Its hard, hell it's painful sometimes.
I grew up thinking I'm ugly, feeling like a disappointment.
I shut everyone out because I didn't want to deal with anything.
But it was a mistake I am still struggling with the consequences of.
Loving yourself is the first step in this journey, probably the hardest.
Look at your reflection in the mirror.
Look at your perfect curves that make you look like a piece of art.
Your straight hair that flatters your face.
Your pretty eyes that are the color of nature.
Believe it or not, you are beautiful,
You are stunning.
You are perfect.
And your perfection is unique.
That is why you don't look like the others.
You are unique.

Even your laugh, your laugh is music to the ears.
Your smile can light up the world.

You just can't see it yet.
So take a second and look at yourself, look closely and you will be surprised.

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Once your self-confidence has increased, your test anxiety will automatically decrease.
And again, I know it isn't easy.
I know it doesn't happen overnight.
But its worth it.
It's worth the effort and time...

2 Relax

Again you have probably heard this a million times, but no one told you how.
I will.
Your thoughts have power over you.
Don't let them.
You take over.
Again, I know this does not happen overnight, it is also a long process.

What you have to do here is change your way of thinking.

Remind yourself that:

It is just a piece of paper.
why would u let it intimidate so much?
yes, it might affect your future.
but being frightened of it won't exactly help.
so go to that test, sit in your seat confidently, pick up the pen and solve what you know.
if u get stuck on a question LEAVE IT.
leave it.
it is not worth losing time.
time is exams is precious.
solve what you know.
and watch your grades increase.
yes, it will take some time and practice, but next time you are taking an exam know that you will do good before picking up your pen.
then solve.
solve what you know.
ignore what you don't.

and remember that exams don't really measure your intelligence.

you are not amazing in math?
so what?
you are probably outstanding in art.
you are probably an amazing writer.

do not judge yourself based on your marks.

Plus, its okay to fall sometimes.
We are human, it is normal.
But what is essential is standing up again.

Failed that physics test?
It's perfectly fine.
You will do better next time.
Believe that you will and trust me you will.

Relax, chill and do what you can.

3 Studying Techniques

This one is very important.
Everyone knows that not studying enough leads to negative consequences.
If this is the case, then you will need to organize your time and put effort into studying.
You need to put a goal, a certain grade, and work your way towards it.
Start off with small goals then go bigger.
You will get there in no time if you put in the effort!
But, overstudying is also bad, as bad as not studying enough...
When you cram all the information in your brain, your brain will just panic and go blank.
Study what you think is important, practice until you get really good.
But then stop.
You will go to test more relaxed, your ideas more organized.

4 Test Taking Skills

Take a deep breath.
Read question 1.
Read the question carefully.
Plan your answer in your head.
If you don't know the answer, move on to the next.
Come back to it later if u have time.
Remain calm.

Plan your essay in your head.

read passages carefully.
Reading is the obviously the key to the answers so do not underestimate it.

Those tips need time and practice to be mastered, keep that in mind.
It is not something that goes away overnight...
I truly hope I somehow helped you...
And if any of you guys feel lonely or are struggling, do not hesitate in contacting me, I would love to listen to you and try to help you...

Stay strong.
Stay you.

Lots of love,

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