Hi guys,
recently I have seen a lot of articles about school routines and it really inspired me to share my own routine. I hope you'll get inspired too. Let's get started.

Most of the time I am done with school at 2 pm, but it varies a lot. So for this article I will tell you about my after 2 pm routine.
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End of the school day, I take the subway to get home. This takes about 30-45 minutes.
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Around this time I am at my sweet home. I take off my jacket and put my bag away. Afterwards I put on some comfy clothes.
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Most of the time I eat my lunch around 13.00 at school, so when I get back home I am not that hungry. However I can't say no to coffee. After putting on some comfy clothes I make myself a coffee and often eat a cookie with it.
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While I'm drinking my coffee I start working on my homework. I try not to use my phone because I get addicted and end up with loads of homework. I spend around 2 hours doing my homework. This is perfect because after doing my homework I eat dinner. All that homework makes me hungry guys.
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I eat very early. I don't like eating heavy meals after 7 pm, it makes me feel bloated. While I'm eating my dinner I check my phone.
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I am a slow eater guys :D After dinner I clean up my mess and go to my room. Around this time I take a ''me time''. I like to read a book, play games on my phone, draw (even though I am not that good), watch TV series etc. Basically things I can entertain myself with.
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After the ''me time'' I get up to do some exercise. Most of the time I just do yoga to relax my body. This takes about 30 min.
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After the exercise I make myself a cup of tea and cut some fruit. This is my favorite time of the day. I just sit and relax. Literally nothing else.
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Well around 10 pm my day ends. I like to sleep early so I can get up early. Before I sleep I of course prepare my bag so I don't have to do that in the morning. After that I wash my face with some products and brush my teeth. And than I go in my bed.

This is my after school routine that I wanted to share with you. I hope it inspired you. Check my other articles, I will put the links down below. Have a beautiful day.